• Smart Factory 4.0

Heating technology

  • Circulation air ovens
  • Infrared oven
  • Plaster drying
  • Prepreg

Vacuum technics

  • Vacuum units
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Vacuum regulation
  • Deep drawing stations
  • Deep-drawing sculpting stations
  • Lamination line
  • Vacuum accessories

Pneumatic technics

  • Presses
  • Compressors
  • Compressed air cooling dryer
  • Accessories for pneumatic technics


Long arm routers

9 different types of long arm routers. Find the additional tools for the routers in the Tool-Catalog

Bandsaws, drilling & sewing machines

Bandscouring and polishing machines

Our Primatec series furthermore our Polisia polishing machines.

Metec machines

Our premium-series with automatic operation of the dust claps, height adjustment floor suction.

Custom-made quality made in Germany

Central extraction systems

Dust suction for a clean workshop.